DVD – “One Man’s Quest for Perfection”



This DVD is one of our most popular DVDs. It is packed with lot of GREAT techniques.This GREAT DVD includes the following:

  1. Description of all our other DVDs
  2. Video clips of my seminars
  3. Some exercises
  4. Drills
  5. Fighting techniques with the Bo
  6. Empty hand fighting techniques
  7. Arm and leg conditioning
  8. Self defense techniques
  9. Kama against Bo fighting techniques
  10. Kata:  SeiSan
  11. Sparring techniques
  12. Matsumura Seito techniques
  13. Kata: Wonsu/Wansu
  14. Kata: Paisai-sho  Shorinji-Ryu
  15. Kata: Paisai-sho Matsumura
  16. Makiwara training techniques and conditioning
  17. TonFa fighting techniques
  18. Demonstration of a high level knife technique