DOJO Registration

  • Learn the CLOSEST teachings of the famous “Bushi Matsumura” as passed to Nabe Matsumura and on to the late Grand Master “Hohan Soken” and then onto Sensei Coffman, 7th Dan, JIKIDESHI, Matsumura Seito 1961 to present.
  • Learn the TRUE kata (empty-handed as well as weapons) of Matsumura Seito (which has not changed from year to year), not some made up kata which seems to be normal these days, i.e. Nabe Kata’s etc.  Which did not exist back then or exist today.


Type “A”

Full School Registration – Requires 5 or more students

  • Receives: Dojo charter, head instructor’s rank
  • (equivalency – Honorary Certificate)
  • Student and Instructor ID Cards
  • One Soken Patch for head instructor
  • One SMOKA-USA patch per registered student
  • One free seminar at cost only
  • Association Fee: Dojo $50 Annually: Purchase Here
  • Students: $35 each black belt: Purchase Here 
  • $25 each kyu ranks: Purchase Here

Type “B”

Affiliate School Only

  • Dojo Charter
  • ID card for instructor
  • One SMOKA-USA patch
  • Association Fee: Flat fee $50.00 Annually: Purchase Here

Type “C”

Individual Membership

  • One SMOKA-USA patch and ID card per membership.
  • $35 Black Belt: Purchase Here
  • $25 each Kyu rank: Purchase Here