The Hawaiian 12th Dan!

Can you believe this crap: 12th Dan’s?

Well, the “want-to-be’s” are at it again (this is almost liken to George Dillman’s BS). One of my black belts moved to Hawaii a month or so ago; while practicing his kata outside of his condo, a man came running up to him and said I see you’re practicing karate; my student replied, “YES I AM”, the person then stated that he was in fact a 12Th degree Grand Master……. ????? ….. Ha, Ha, Ha 

….Yes, you read it correctly, a 12th Dan. This clown then proceeded to tell my student he held belts in 17 different systems/styles, now in most real Karate styles, it takes three (3) or more years to reach a Sho-Dan rank (black First Degree), so 17 X 3 = 51 years, my God this clown must have started karate in his mother’s belly. My student all but spit in his face from laughing so hard! Later, the GM took my student to his training hall (dojo) and showed him all of his belts which were being displayed, My, student said it was at least 100 belts. 

The next day my student was introduced to TWO more 12th Dan’s, which totals three GM (12th Dans) now; can you believe how lucky he was, not one but three.   

I asked for their names and was told they are on facebook; two of their names are: “Leonard Tengan and Glenn Level.” Now I don’t know about you, but this is funny as hell, anybody that is in the Martial Arts knows there is >>>>NO SUCH RANK<<<< One of these clowns is in his early to mid-’50s, another is around 70 years old, one is even an Okinawan.

So, I have to ask you what the hell is next? 13th, 14th, etc. These want-to-be’s are so desperate for recognition that they have to make things up. After working out with two of these clowns – I am trying to be…VERY POLITE when I say CLOWNS and not something far worst -, my student stated that maybe they were equal to a GREEN BELT at best in our style. It is no wonder why many people think Karate is a joke; people like these give the Arts a lousy name.

12th Dan my ass!