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The Red Belt Epidemic

With the ever increasing number of so called Grand Master’s or Red Belts as we know them today, not only here in the USA but now all over the world. For the life of me I cannot understand how one can place themselves on the same level of their former-(and sometimes current)-Grand Masters or master […]

10th Dan? I Don’t Think So!

The following are claiming to be 10th Dan’s in Matsumura Seito Shorin-ryu karate This is what I personally know about these men Phil Koeppel: Koeppel started karate under Richard Kim, Japanese Shorinji-ryu in Japan…. Next under Adriando Emperado (Kajukenbo in Hawaii),…. next under Trais USKA/ Shuri-ryu,… next under Uichi Kuda. Started Karate in 1956, Wado-ryu, […]


  • Separating Fact from Fiction
    By: Deus H. Marchacos, Yondan

    First and foremost I want to establish a few facts about Sensei J. Coffman. He began his Martial Arts training on Okinawa under Grand Master Hohan Soken in December of 1961 as a new black belt under Sensei fusei Kise, a Yon-dan rank at the time. Sensei Kise had been an active student of the Grand Master since the early to mid 50’s, Jimmy (as known in Okinawa) Coffman was one of Sensei Kise’s first American students and was his first American student to be promoted to the rank of Sho-dan (1st degree Black). He continued to train with both instructors, Sensei Kise on a daily basis and bi weekly to bi monthly with Master Soken at the Grand Masters’ home dojo.


    - Fact from Fiction By: Deus H. Marchacos, Yondan