Interested in Training?

Those of You Interested in “REAL” Training

I understand that a lot of you would like to meet, talk or train under me, but have reservations because of the many stories you have been told about me, or were at one time associated with teachers I disapprove of, such as George Dillman, Tom Hunnicutt, Charles Garrett, Ray Gonthier, Ron Lindsey and many others.

The truth is just the opposite. You can’t be blamed for training under people who made false claims about their training or the system of karate they claim; like having studied under Hohan Soken. As a student, you believe what your teacher says, as would most students. Therefore, you are not to blame.

I truly believe that if a person wants to learn karate, that is a good thing. I believe that all traditional styles of karate are good. There is no bad system of Karate, only bad teachers. I know that each and every one of you worked hard to learn and perfect the style that you trained in, and I accept your rank within that system. It is not your fault that you were taught by those that have altered, made up, changed or bastardized their style or system. I believe there are only bad instructors – those that fabricate stories just to make themselves look good in the public’s eye.

I will accept anyone from a different system of karate as a student as long as you are willing to learn our true system, as it was taught to me.

I am more than happy to talk to or correspond with anyone, no matter what your feeling is towards me. I will answer any question or questions you might have about me, my training, other styles or instructors here in the United States as well as on Okinawa in an honest way. My training on Okinawa was from 1960 to 1964, Shorinji Ryu, and Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu. Should you have any question, please contact me at: (443) 293-7806