SMOKA 1977 – 78

Master Kise returns to Maryland, continues to update and train Sensei Coffman.

Sensei Coffman receives his promotion to Nana-Dan. (see picture)




Al Gagne Ruku-Dan 1977
Al became a student of mine in 1977, after attending one of my seminars in New Hampshire. Al has turned out many, many high caliber Black belts, attended & hosted no less then 15 or more yearly seminars given by me, as well as studying at my dojo. Being a Black belt from his former teacher, Vince Weigand who studied Karate under Fusei Kise on Okinawa 1975-1976, when we first met.

Al became a top instructor within the SMOKA & SMOKA-USA reaching his present rank of Go-Dan. I have promoted less than (6) students to Go-Dan in my 40 plus years of teaching. I have taught yearly seminars at his dojo’s from 1978 to the present., also he and his students would attend the seminars that I put on for Deus Marchacos, making his Black belt direct students under my lineage. Al Gagne has trained under Sensei Kise at my dojo’s directly. Al is a SMOKA-USA regional representative.

Raymond Gonthier Sho-Dan 1978
Ray had a dojo in the State of Vermont. At his request I taught a seminar at his location in 1977. Other dojos were in attendance, i.e. Al Gagne from R.I., Deus Marchacos from N.H. all from the Shorin-Ryu style. Ray attended my Karate summer camps twice, 1975 & 1976. Ray became a member of SMOKA in 1978, training at my Dojo in Silver Springs, Md. Reached Sho-Dan.