SMOKA 1976-77

Master Kise returns to Maryland Dojo for additional training and to meet with more of his former students/Black belts. SMOKA continues to grow.

Sensei Coffman demonstrates arm toughening (korte) with a steel rod being bent over his arm.


In this photo Sensei Coffman visits the New Hampshire Dojo for the 1st time to witness the Black Belt Testing. Students are: Greg Lazarus, Teacher Deus Marchacos, Sensei James Coffman, Claire Marchacos, Jon Kirkland and Terry Eletherion.




Deus & Claire Marchacos Yo-Dan & San-Dan 1977
Deus & Claire were Black belts studying under Al Gagne when I first met them in 1977, having the first Shorin-Ryu karate Dojo in the State of New Hampshire, turning out very high caliber Black belts. I have taught seminars for them every other year for no less then 15 years. They and their Black belts & students would also attend Al Gagnes seminars as well, giving them (Black belts) a direct lineage line under me as students. Both Deus and Claire have trained at my Dojo’s with Sensei Kise directly. Deus Marchacos is the State Representative for the State of N.H. under SMOKA-USA. Deus reached Yon-Dan and Claire reached San-Dan levels.

Kenny Zerfass Ni-Dan 1976
Kenny became a student of mine in 1976, he was a Black belt from another Okinawan system prior. Kenny and his dojo became a member of SMOKA. I taught at least two seminars at his home dojo. Kenny became a Black belt in Kung Fu or Ninja? Reached Ni-Dan.

Michael Kaufmann Sho-Dan 1981
Michael Kaufmann started with me in 1976 at age 16. Earned his Sho-Dan in 1981. Moved to NY and became a Manhatten prosecutor and studied Japanese karate. Currently a lawyer in Washington, DC. He teaches his own class and studies at Carl Hoffman’s dojo under me.