SMOKA 1973-74



Gary Thornhill & Jean Thornhill Yon-Dan & Ni-Dan 1973-1977
Gary & Jean came from Japanese style of Karate. Gary became a weapons man, specializing in the Sai. A top trophy winner on the East Coast. Gary & Jean, both Black belts, started under me in 1973-1977. Gary also reached a senior student rank of Yon-Dan, both Gary & Jean were in the Navy.
Gary reached Yon-Dan, Jean reached Ni-Dan.

Fred Sypher Go-Dan 1974-1975
Fred was a direct student of Fusei Kise as well as Hohan Soken. Stationed in Okinawa 1967-1968, and returning to Okinawa as a civilian in late 1968 to 1970.(1967-1970). Fred was a very strong Karate-Ka, well known on the Okinawa as well as on the East Coast of the U.S. Fred became one of the top students of Sensei Kise. I met Fred in 1974-1975, while attending my karate camps with some of his students. He joined SMOKA and trained at my dojo with myself and Kise Sensei. Fred became a Go-Dan and is an all around good strong Karate-ka having produced many good Black belts.

Kirk Laleman Yon-Dan 1974-1975
I met Kirk at my summer camps, 1974 & 1975. Kirk was also stationed on Okinawa in the late 1960’s under Fusei Kise. Having a Dojo in the State of Maine, Kirk was a strong fighter and produced many good Black belts. Reached a Yon-Dan level.

Murzy Jhavala Yon-Don 1972-1973
Started under me in 1972-73. Murzy became a very strong fighter and reached the senior student rank of Yon-Dan. Murzy became the Racket Ball Maryland State champion in the 80’s.

Jim Skelton San-Dan 1973
Jim became the second person to reach Black belt level under me that came from no other system prior. Started in 1973. Jim was a Vietnam veteran, who was shot many times in the arm and legs, losing the function of his right leg. Jim was taught all his kata without having to do kicks, he would shout “kick” where the kicks were to be. Jim was taught to fight close to a wall whereas he would fall back upon the wall when struck, then take down the opponent and grapple from that point on, thus making the opponent on his level. Jim reached the level of San-Dan and opened Dojo’s in Salisbury Maryland and then in up state N.Y.

Clarence Murray Sho-Dan 1973
Clarence came to me from a Japanese system, as a young Black belt, Sho-Dan in 1973. He became a good over all Karate-kd and was a good weapons show man. Clarence was to become the second person to be put out of our system of Karate, due to his changing of our kata and some misunderstandings.