SMOKA 1972

Glenn Premru brings Grand Master Hohan Soken and Master Fusei Kise to the United States. (First and only trip for Grand Master Hohan Soken) (See article).

Sensei Coffman is reunited with Grand Master Soken and Master Kise.

1972_1_soken_ kise_ kata_fighting

Sensei Coffman enters Premru’s tournament in Philadelphia, Pa. to show his teachers he is still active and proficient.

Sensei Coffman is requested by his teachers, Grand Master Soken, Master Kise, to be head of the newly formed OKF (Okinawan Karate Federation) in conjunction with Glenn Premru (see article).



Allen Lawson Ni-Dan 1972
Allen came from England as a Brown belt. A strong fighter and a very dedicated student. Became a student under me in 1972. Quit karate upon moving to Australia, reached a Ni-Dan level, a very hard and strong Karate-ka.

Alex Strongberg “Alex Plus One” 1972 or 1973
Alex and one of his students showed up at my Dojo one evening in 1972 or 1973, at the time my Dojo was located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Alex wanted to spar and work out with me, and during the course of the workout, Alex requested that I teach him a weapon kata, he requested to learn a Bo kata, which I taught him ShorinJi Bo one.