SMOKA 1967

During these years, Sensei Coffman continues to build and expand his schools. His enrollment reaches approximately 1200 active members with a total of 8 dojos within the metropolitan D.C. area.

Sensei Coffman competes and is a constant winner in numerous tournaments throughout the United States. (see photo)

Sensei Coffman starts his third Karate studio which became the Hombo (Headquarters) for SMOKA.


Rick Nemarious Ni-Dan 1967-1968
Studied Okinawan Isshinryu Karate. A big man, strong fighter. Rick also went on to study Bon-Do Karate. Rick was in the Metropolitan (pilot) police force, died in the 80’s from cancer. Rick studied with me, as a student 1967-68, reached Ni-Dan

Ingo NoBack Yon-Dan 1970-1978
Studied Isshinryu Okinawan Karate. Ingo was a very strong fighter and an over all good Karate Black belt. Ingo became a student of mine in 1970 to 1978. Ingo became a senior Black belt within my system. Reached a Yon-Dan.

G. Dan Smith Yon-Dan 1970-1978
Dan Smith came to study with me in 1970 to 1978, also became a senior Black belt, reaching a Yon-Dan level under me. Dan came from Texas as a Black belt, a very strong fighter having trained under Bill Wallace, Fred Waren and others, a good all around Karate-ka. Reached Yon-Dan.

Steve Abert Yon-Dan 1970
Steve started with me in 1970 becoming a senior student under me and reaching the Yon-Dan level, as well as becoming the second in command (head of the dojo when I was not there). Steve is a very talented Karate-ka, a strong fighter and Kata man and is an all around very good technician and teacher, having over 30 plus years in our system.

Carl Hoffman Ni-Dan 1970
Carl started karate under me in 1970, a constant tournament winner during his karate years. After taking a break, he once again became a student of mine. Carl now heads up his own Dojo under SMOKA-USA in Washington, DC. A strong and dedicated student, and a very good all around Karate-ka and teacher. Carl is a perfectionist, often refusing to take a higher rank belt level test until he himself feels 100% sure. An acknowledged free-lance writer for the Smithsonian Institute in Washingtion, DC., as well as others. Carl travels all over the world writing for many different well known magazines. He has reached the Ni-Dan level.

George Granofsky San-Dan 1969
George became my first Black belt in the States. He started karate under me in 1969 & came from no other system prior. George was a very good teacher and all around Karate-ka. George reached the San-Dan level before moving to Alaska and re-joining the Army.

Buddy Reyes San-Dan 1970
Buddy was a student of Gary Saluters, Okinawan Kempo before changing to the Shorin-Ryu system under me in 1970. Buddy was our Dojo’s heavy weight, winning many trophies and tournaments, a very good and strong fighter. Chosen by Jhoon Rhee to join his fight team in 1977-1978. Buddy declined the offer. Reached San-Dan.