Raymond Gonthier

Let me start by saying although it is a shame to talk about someone that has died…but the truth is always and always will be the truth. 

  • Ray Gonthier was stationed in Okinawa during the late 1960’s (1967-8)..
  • He studied karate under Master Fusei Kise at the Kadena AFB karate club.
  • Ray reached the level of Sho-Dan upon his leaving Okinawa.
  • Ray NEVER studied with or under Grand Master “Hohan Soken”.
  • Ray Gonthier was a member of SMOKA during the late 1970’s.
  • Ray Gonthier although he was a nice guy, had a “very low skill level in karate”. I know this to be the truth for the following reasons:
  1. When I asked Fusei Kise (1976 at my home, in Maryland) with others present i.e. Ron Lindsey, Fred Sypher, Deus Marchacos, Kirk Laleman and others… How did he get a black belt? Sensei Kise replied stating that he gave Ray Gonthier his black belt because he was leaving Okinawa and said he would start a dojo here in the States, not because of his ability.

  2. I have taught several Karate seminars for and with Ray Gonthier being a participant, therefore I know 1st hand of his knowledge and skill level.
  3. I have reviewed him doing kata, as well as instructing him; both observing and sparring with him.
  4. The reason Ray is even mentioned here is that Charles Garrett was promoted to the level of a 6th Degree Black belt by Ray Gonthier.