One Man’s Quest For Perfection: True Life Story of Sensei James Coffman



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“Okinawan Martial Art History and culture is in danger of being lost forever, says Kyoshi James Coffman in his fascinating historical new book One Man’s Quest for Perfection”—The Dying Art of Karate.  This soon-to-be MA classic is must reading for every Okinawan stylist regardless of rank who’s passionate about preserving the ‘Old Ways’ of Karate-do as taught on Okinawa.

Coffman’s authoritative masterpiece is about his life story (50+ years) on being the first American student (1961) of the late Grand Master Hohan Soken’s Matsumura Seito system of Shorin-ryu karate..

Coffman, Sensei shares his philosophy, vast how-to techniques/knowledge and actual history while studying on Okinawa with the Grandmaster and his number one disciple.  This book belongs in every Okinawan stylist’s Martial Arts Library.”

Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D., Hanshi, 10th Dan

The U.S. Ambassador of Karate TM

Founder: Karate Masters Hall of Fame &

Martial Arts Grandmasters International

Publisher: Official Karate Magazine TM,

  • Actual fight scenes – action packed.. reading this book- you will feel like you are right there
  • True to life facts – not fiction
  • DVD included – exciting excerpts from Sensei Coffman’s seminars and training sessions including kata
  • Thrilling & exciting read, destined to become a martial arts’ classic
  • Okinawan karate history of the 1950’s and early 1960’s
  • Information on the last living karate instructor having Okinawan Samurai lineage – Hohan Soken had the greatest martial artist “direct” lineage from Bushi Matsumura
  • Actual Kata – no longer being taught anywhere else since Hohan Soken’s death
  • James H. Coffman – one of two Americans chosen to represent Okinawa in the Japan Nationals Karate Tournament in March 1962
  • Sensei James H. Coffman – shoots from the hip and tells it like it is