Lee Osborne:

Lee Osborne:  The son of Roy Osborne III,   Lee contacted me 15+ years ago wanting to join SMOKA-USA and train in Matsumura Seito Shorin-ryu karate.  I asked Lee, why did he not train with his father?  He said his father (Roy) would not teach him.  Later I contacted Roy and asked him why he would not train his son?  Roy, stated that Lee was lazy and did not want to work for his rank, but wanted it given to him.  Lee is a big guy, about 6’4″  somewhere around 250 to 300 pounds.  The truth is he is a big mouth bully and trys to intimidate people because of his size.  Lee claims to be skilled in some Chinese system(?) but I don’t believe that either.   Lee all but tried to kiss my ass back 15 plus years ago, trying to get rank and knowledge from me.  I could see right through him and he got little to nothing.  Lee has hooked up with Charles Garrett and I guess he thinks he is now skilled in Matsumura Seito karate.  This in it’self is funny.  Garrett is a very low skilled karate-ka and known by most as a joke. Word has it that as little as a year ago (20016-17) Lee made statements that quote:  “Oh Coffman is an old man now and I could walk right up to him and punch him in his face”,  Ha, what a dreamer this guy is,  I might be old now, but he will not see the day where a bully like him can just walk up and just punch me in the face without suffering a major pay-back.  I have heard this from a couple of people like Randy Vaughn, who stated “Man, people would love to see Lee get his ass handed to him by a man in his seventies”.   It is really sad that Lee has no respect for others.  Lee knows that we here have an open door policy and he is welcome to come anytime.