Glenn Robert Premru: “Sensei Coffman’s Response”


This a response by Sensei James Coffman to the information
on the Okinawa Karate Federation Web Page by Glen Robert Premru.

On May 27, 1997, Glen Premru endorses G.A. Garcia as the true and only heir to Soken’s seal and systems.
October 23, 1997, Glen Premru, the board of directors terminates “Guillermo A. Garcia” as the heir to Soken’s system ????
Throws him out!???

October 23, 1997, Premru claims he is the only one “ever” promoted to 10th Dan by Sensei Soken, the only one that knows the system of Grand Master Soken ???

In 1972 Glen Premru contacted Sensei Soken / Kise in Okinawa about the forming of a USA Karate Association, stating he (Premru) has hundreds of students and talks Sensei Kise (Soken Sensei spokesman) into coming to the USA. June 1972 Sensei Soken and his top student, Fusei Kise, come to the States. This was the first and only trip to the USA for Sensei Soken. Premru pays for all expenses etc. Grand Master Soken became sick and he and Kise leave after less than two weeks stay.

Soken / Kise made Premru USA president of the OKF, USA which Sensei Soken / Kise requested that James H. Coffman (first American student of both Sensei’s, studied for over three years under both Soken and Kise on Okinawa, 1960-1964) known and trusted student, to be co-president of the OKF USA.

1972 was the first time Premru met Sensei Soken or Sensei Kise.

1972 was the first time Premru ever studied under the Masters- studying for less than two weeks.

Premru was a 4th Dan (1972), Premru was given an honorary rank of 8th Dan??? Sensei gave Premru 100 to 200 + signed certificates with Sensei Soken’s Seal, these were to be given to the joining Dojo’s and for promotions given out by Premru.


Soken / Kise meet Glen Premru for the first time June 1972 for less than two weeks- and promote him to an 8th Dan without any training? I don’t think so.

Soken promotes Premru to a rank above his highest ranking student, Sensei Kise? Premru not even being Okinawan. I don’t think so!

Premru goes to an 8th Dan from a 4th Dan without any training or added skill, time, etc. I don’t think so.
Soken and Kise were to stay a month, but Sensei gets sick and has to return to Okinawa. Not much time to learn a system that takes a lifetime to learn!!

Premru never studied on Okinawa under either of these masters.

Soken / Kise set as head of Karate tournament hosted by Premru June 1972, attended by James H. Coffman, direct student of both masters. Coffman moves into Soken / Kise hotel room as per request of Sensei Soken. Soken / Kise ask Coffman to co-share head of “OKF” USA

1975 Sensei Soken / Kise form Shorin-Ryu Matsumura Orthodox Karate Association (S.M.O.K.A) here in the USA to be headed by James H. Coffman, no more OKF, Sensei tells Coffman that Okinawa was not getting the proper money from OKF / Premru (can be verified by Sensei Kise, Sensei Soken died in 1982).


Why would Soken form another association if in fact OKF was still in operation? He wouldn’t!
Premru would have been in his late 20’s in 1972, being promoted from a 4th Dan to an 8th Dan??

Why did Premru wait until now to claim Grand Master if in fact he was promoted to 10th Dan Grand Master when Sensei Soken was still alive? Why did you not read about it during the 80’s?

Why did Premru endorse “G. Garcia” as the rightful heir to Sensei Soken’s system (May 27, 1997) and now claims he has all the knowledge?

Why would Sensei Soken promote Premru to a rank above his highest student, Sensei Kise (8th Dan)?
How does one learn the complete or part of a Karate System from Sensei Soken without ever studying from the Master?

Glen Premru is a very good karate man. He has been a karate competitor for many years and is a very good technician.

I, James H. Coffman, President of S.M.O.K.A., 7th Dan, do not feel that he is or ever will be the Grand Master to the “Matsumura Seito” (Soken) Karate System. This I know to be true in my heart, having studied this system for over 37 years under one Grand Master, “Grand Master Hohan Soken”, and under one Master Instructor, “Master Fusei Kise”. This is the only style of karate I have ever studied and will be the only system, for I believe it truly takes a lifetime to master!

The above information, statements are the opinion of James H. Coffman, 7th Dan Shorin-Ryu.