Tom Hunnicutt


  • Hunnicutt, like Premru, sanctioned G.A. Garcia as the true head of Soken’s  Matsumura Seito system of Karate.

  • In Okinawa, Hunnicutt studied under Fusei Kise, with Soken as the system head, yet claimed to have studied under Hohan Soken.

  • Hunnicutt claimed to be the first American GI to have a dojo in Okinawa, at Camp Hanson in 1968.  Yet the Kadena AFB dojo was started in 1960 and is still active today.  Also, another marine, "John Bartusevics", Major retired USMC, started his dojo on Okinawa in 1966.

  • Hunnicutt claimed to have been given the first Instructors Certificate ever awarded by Soken.  However, I received my Instructors Certificate from Soken in 1964.

  • Hunnicutt claimed to teach Matsumura Seito Karate, but he made up his own kata - Nabe Kata this and Nabe Kata that.  No such kata existed now or before in Okinawa.


  • Hunnicutt claimed to be a ju-dan, 10th degree black belt, teaching the Matsumura Seito system of karate.  Yet neither Soken nor Kise promoted him above the rank of fourth dan.  Where did Hunnicutt get his ju-dan rank?


  • He promoted himself.    Can you say.....JOKE!