Important Events 1962

Sensei Coffman receives his Ni-Dan from Sensei Kise.

Sensei Coffman continues training under Sensei Kise and Grand Master Soken on a regular basis.

Kadena AFB Karate Dojo continues to grow to as high as 65 active students.

Sensei Coffman is selected to represent Okinawa on March 27, 1962, in the Fifth Japan Karate League Kyushu District Championship (see attached letter).

Sensei Kise, Sensei Coffman and William Spicer compete and win against the Japanese Special Forces Teams.

Sensei Coffman competes against and wins two Karate matches against the son of Grand Master Zenyro Shimabuku (Zenpo Shimabuku, current day Grand Master and head of his fatherís system).

Sensei Coffman now performs demonstrations throughout Okinawa and is featured on television, Armed Forces radio stations, and other media (see photo).