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1959   Sensei Coffman starts Karate in Clinton Maryland (Japanese Karate)

1960   Sensei Coffman is stationed on Okinawa and starts training in Okinawan Shorinji- Ryu Karate with   

         Sensei Fusei Kise

1961   Sensei Coffman gets promoted to Sho-Dan (12-20-61). Grand Master Hohan Soken accepts Sensei    

           Coffman as his first American student. Sensei Coffman start  his Matsumura Seito training.

1962   Sensei Coffman gets promoted to Ni-Dan  (May 14, 1962).  Sensei Coffman is selected to                        represent Okinawa in the Fifth Japan Karate League Kyushu District Championship Contest.

1963   Sensei Coffman gets promoted to San-dan  (Feb. 3, 1963), his training continues at a break neck              pace. Sensei Coffman gets promoted to Yon-Dan  (Nov. 29, 1963).

1964   Sensei Coffman starts first Dojo in the United States, Fort Bragg North Carloina.

1965   Sensei Coffman teams up with old friend, Gary Saluter, student of Sensei Nakamura.

1966   Sensei Coffman teaches as head instructor of George Dillman’s Karate School.

1967    Sensei Coffman starts Hombo Dojo in Silver Spring, Maryland.

          Sensei Coffman starts teaching karate for the Dristric of Columbia, continues until 1992.

             Sensei Coffman gets promoted to Go-Dan (Jan. 3, 1967).

1968   Sensei Coffman and Gary Saluter open their 1st Karate dojo, above the rabbit's foot bar,      

            Washington DC

1969    Sensei Coffman start new karate classes at high school, Chevy Chase Maryland

1970    Sensei Coffman and Ronald Lee open main dojo....Shorin Karate Studio's, Inc.  Silver Springs,


1971   Sensei Coffman opens 2nd karate location, Chevy Chase, Maryland

1972   Sensei Coffman reunited with teachers, Grand Master Hohan Soken and Master

            Kise (formulation of OKF, Okinawan Karate Federation). Sensei Coffman gets promoted to

            Roku-Dan. (June 11, 1972)

1973-1974   Sensei Coffman opens 3rd Dojo, located in Rockville, Maryland

1975   Sensei Coffman accepts position of SMOKA head and state side representative at request of

           Grand Master Hohan Soken and Master Kise

1976-1977   Sensei Coffman receives Nana-Dan (7th Dan  June 30, 1977) promotion as President                       of SMOKA.

1977-1978   Grand Master Hohan Soken retires from active teaching, Sensei Coffman formally breaks

                      away from Kise, SMOKA-USA is formedHohan Soken bar's Fusei Kise from using the

                      name: Matsumura Seito. Kise forms his new karate association and names it "Kenshinkan".

1979   Sensei Coffman purchases his 1st airplane, Piper Cherokee 140

1980   Sensei Coffman's airplane makes the cover of "Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association" magazine,

            July issue (AOPA Magazine)

1981-1983    Sensei Coffman continues to teach and fly

1984    Sensei Coffman forms a construction company "Shorin Enterprises, Inc".

1985    Shorin Enterprises, Inc. breaks the One Million dollar income per year. Sensei Coffman purchases   

             his 2nd airplane, a 250 Piper Comanche, high performance retractable.

1986    Sensei Coffman 250 Comanche makes the cover of the Comanche Flyer magazine. Shorin

             Enterprises, Inc. breaks the Two Million dollar per year income.

1987   Susan Huston becomes Sensei Coffman's 1st female/woman black belt.  Shorin Enterprises, Inc.        

            does jobs as far away as Alaska, The Ilurtian Islands, Philippines and bids jobs as far away as Japan.

1988    Sensei Coffman gets his Multi engine, Instrument rating.

1989    Ed Marucci is promoted to Yon-dan (4th degree black belt).  Shorin Enterprises, Inc. breaks the

             Four Million dollar income bracket. Sensei Coffman purchase's his third airplane, a Multi engine,   

            Turbo charged Oxygen equipped, a piper Navaho seven passenger. N-476HS

            Sensei Coffman has the tail number changed to read.....SHORIN  spelled backwards (476HS)

1990-1991   Sensei Coffman travels all over the mid West USA doing and bidding jobs for Picker

                      International. Teaches karate when not on travel.

1992   The construction market crashes, Sensei Coffman closes Shorin Enterprises, Inc. selling the company

            to his partners. Sensei Coffman and his top student  (Ed Marucci) form another construction

            company, called DMS Construction.

1993    Sensei Coffman moves to Chambersburg, Pa. starts new business, "Shooter's delight, Inc." a indoor

             shooting range and firearm with a Class three licence, sporting store, teaches a small karate class.

1994    Ed Marucci is promoted to Go-dan (5th degree black belt), Deus Marchacos is promoted to Yon-

            dan,  Al Gagne gets promoted to Go-dan (5th degree black belt).  Sensei Coffman, Ed Marucci &

            Paul Badanes fly out to Colorado to meet up with Sensei Kise face to face, it did not go well, see

            article.   Sensei Coffman and Ed Marucci travel to Okinawa, September 12th to

            meet with Kise again.

1995    Sensei Coffman teaches karate cllasses at Shooters Delight, Inc. .

1996-1997    Sensei Coffman moves to Marco Island, Florida. Opens small dojo teaches only private

                       lessons, purchases a 6,000 Sq Ft hone.

1998    Sensei Coffman builds new dojo in his Marco home, starts teaching private lessons

1999    Steve Abert gets promoted to Yon-dan

2001    George Jutras is promoted to San-dan

2003    Ed Marucci is the 1st student of Sensei Coffman to ever be promoted to Ruko-dan (6th degree

             Red & white belt)  Carl Hoffman is promoted to San-dan. Sensei Coffman & Al Gagne (senior

             student Rhode Island) go to see Kise in Okinawa (see article)

2004    Sensei Coffman moves to Ft Lauderdale, Florida, going through a divorce.

2005    Al Gagne becomes the 2nd person to be promote to Ruko-dan level (Red & white belt)

            Richard LaViolette opens new SMOKA dojo in Fenton, Mo.

2006    Sensei Coffman move back to his roots, Maryland and take over as head of Ed Marucci's dojo,

             teaching karate in Washington DC.  Matt Brooks opens new SMOKA member dojo

             in Chandles, Az.

2007    Sensei Coffman, Al Gagne, make another trip to Okinawa (Sept. 07) This trip did not go well. 

             Sensei Coffman opens his new dojo in Mount Airy, Maryland.  

2012    Sensei publishes his new book "One Man's Quest for Perfection", The Dying Art of Karate.

             Jerry Martin gets promoted to Sho-Dan

2013     Sensei Coffman get's SMOKA Tattoo 



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