The Weakest Link

These are my thoughts on the men who advertise their relationship to Hohan Soken and his Shorin Ryu Matsumura Orthodox karate – George Dillman, Glenn Premru, Tom Hunnicutt, Ray Gonthier, Phil Koeppel, Dave Mauk and Charles Garrett.

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George Dillman: George Dillman

George Dillman

George Dillman

On June 26, 2002 I called George Dillman and asked why he claims to have studied under Fusei Kise and Hohan Soken.

George said that he never claimed to have been a student under either one, but that he did have a private, three-hour lesson with Soken in his hotel room after the Premru karate tournament was over in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1972. He said he would run through a kata, than Soken would. They each did three kata, George said. What impressed him the most, he said, was that Soken did not even break a sweat during or after completing his kata. Kise, he said, never impressed him.

What’s wrong with Dillman’s stories?

1) There were no eyewitnesses other than Soken, Kise and Dillman. Dillman’s wife (at the time) Kim, says that she and some of their students waited in their hotel room for George to finish his meeting with Soken and Kise. Soken, as we all know, has passed away. That leaves Kise and George to verify his story. And Kise says that this private lesson never happened. I’ve asked Kise several times and Kise always says: “George Dillman never had a private lesson with either me or Soken.”

2) Why would a Grand Master like Soken grant a private lesson to a man that he has never trained with, seen or met before? I don’t believe he would have.

3) As anyone who was there during Soken’s one visit to the U.S. in 1972 knows, Soken became very sick during his stay before the tournament and had to leave for Okinawa within a couple of days after. Again, why would a Grand Master give an unknown person a private lesson while he was sick?

4) Why would Soken demonstrate kata for George Dillman in the first place? I don’t believe he would have. If you went up to Soken or any Grand Master and asked him to do a private kata demonstration in his hotel room, would he?

5) Why would demonstrating six kata, three by Dillman, three by Soken, take three hours?

6) Why would a Grand Master get up and do kata for a nobody when he had his protégé and senior student, Fusei Kise, beside him at all times? In those days, if any kata were demonstrated, Kise, not Soken himself, would have done them. Again, Kise says it did not happen.

My real question is this: Could George Dillman have gotten his story mixed up?

In fact, this is what happened: After the tournament, myself, Kise, Dillman, Bob Peters and a few others met together with Soken in his hotel room. There, Soken and Kise gave out weapons they’d brought from Okinawa as gifts to us; I picked a set of sai; George was given a set of tonfa. Perhaps has this real meeting mixed up with his fantasy.

Dillman, in fact, never studied under or with Hohan Soken or Fusei Kise. FACT

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Glenn Robert Premru:

“Do ya think he just wants me to go away yet?
Sensei Coffman, you may feel free to use any of this on your weakest link page and feel free to quote me as you like.”

Glenn Premru: Never met Soken or Kise before 1972, and never was promoted to the rank of JU-DAN BY SENSEI SOKEN. FACT
This a response by Sensei James Coffman to the information
on the Okinawa Karate Federation Web Page by Glen Premru. RESPONSE

Tom Hunnicutt:

Let’s look at Tom Hunnicutt (who, I believe, never trained under Soken, based upon looking at his karate, and from his own statements that he made up his system). FACT

Charles D. Garrett II:

Garrett is nothing more than a Sho-dan (at best) under the Matsumura Seito system of Soken.FACT

Lee Osborne:


Let me start by saying although it is a shame to talk about someone that has died… the truth is and will always be the truth:

Ray never studied with or under Grand Master “Hohan Soken”. FACT
However, Charles Garrett is the closest of the four that actually trained with Sensei Soken.

Phil Koeppel & David Maulk: see main page under 10th Dan?
I don’t think so!

Ron Lindsay (New Addition 05-2013)

If the truth be known, Ron Lindsay never trained with Sensei Soken. While on OKINAWA, the closest that Ron Lindsay came to Soken was to be trained by Kise and from time to time Sensei Soken would attend and oversee the classes. Does this make Ron Lindsay a student of Soken’s? Ron Lindsay never had any private or semi private lessons with Hohan Soken.

Ron Lindsay’s only contact with the Kata “HaKutsuru” was by name only, and a film he saw of Soken doing most of the kata. He never learned or was he trained to learn this Kata from either Kise or soken. His so-called training of the Crane Kata’s came from Chuck Chandler, (deceased, so Chuck can not dispute what Ron now claims). Chuck Chandler was a student of yabiku sensei on Okinawa. As it turned out most of the crane kata that Chuck Chandler taught he had either made Now Ron Lindsay is claiming to teach the original kata Hakutsuru of Soken

Matsumura had learned and taught…… Question, how would Ron Lindsay or anybody else for that matter know what Kata Bushi Matsumura learned or taught, since the man lived back in the 17th and 18th century….. Answer, he wouldn’t. Ron Lindsay is claiming to be a 10 be Matsumura Seito karate? In my opinion, not only is this disrespectful to the truly great masters of the past, but it is a joke. In my opinion that is exactly what Ron Lindsay is………….. a joke………….. I think that the bulk of his skill is in his mind, not in his ability. I have worked with the man as well as sparred the man. I was not impressed back then nor am I impressed now. He is just another of the many in the world to jump on the bandwagon of so called 10th Dan’s Ron Lindsay that take away credibility from those of us that truly can hold the the rank, that we were given. There are many of those out there that have simply met Okinawan masters, or travel to Okinawa, trained but a few days or a few weeks total (if that) with these masters and yet were promoted to higher ranks. How do you think this happens? I’ll tell you, ….money….., they are simply introduced to the master stating that they want to become students, when in fact what they want is to be promoted. They pay these masters money, and these masters simply give them certificates of promotion. That is exactly what happened with Ron Lindsay and Yabiku. Ron Lindsay was never truly trained under Yabiku, but yet has a certificate of rank from him. Ron Lindsay’s ego is so big, and so unjustified that his ego comes in the room five minutes before he physically comes in. The man talks about honor, when in fact he truly does not know the meaning of the word. The truth be known, Kise was going to replace Ron Lindsay as head of the Association back in the early 80s with Mike Hancock. Ron Lindsay got wind of this in his ego got in the way, so he looked for a means to discredit Kise. Prior to this point, Lindsay as well as others had written many articles in the various karate magazines stating that kise was the true heir to Hohan Soken’s Matsumura Seito system of karate. Lindsay started the rumors that it wasn’t kise that was to be the heir but rather Kuda sensei, this also was a lie. The next thing Kise knows is that Ron Lindsay has had Kise voted out of his own Association….. Lindsay had contacted Kuda asking if he wanted to become the head representative of the Association here in the states, of course Kuda jumped at the money, and Kise was in fact removed from his own association. Does this sound like an honorable person to you? Again the answer is As you can tell by now, I have little to no respect for Ron Lindsay nor his so-called ability. The Man is nothing more than another want-to-be 10th dan based on smoke and mirrors not to ability or skill. These are my personal opinions based upon my experiences with the man.

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