Sensei Coffman has been in the system of Shorin-Ryu since 1960 and has continued his training sense that time to present, having over 54 plus years. Within this time he has continued to work on the mastery of his system.

Sensei Coffman was promoted to the rank of ShiChi-Dan (7th Dan) Red and White belt, by Grand Master Soken and Master Kise in 1977 and received his teacher's certificate in 1964, authorizing Sensei Coffman to teach the system of "Matsumura Seito" Karate and Kobudo. Coffman has been the head of  SMOKA-USA since 1975.  After his break away from Master Kise, and the retirement of Grand Master Soken from Karate in 1978 SMOKA was renamed "SMOKA-USA".The teachings have remained the same in SMOKA-USA as they were taught to Coffman back in 1960 Okinawa, Japan by O'Sensei Soken, and Kise. The Kata and teachings of SMOKA-USA shall remain the same for the life of the Association and the life of  Sensei Coffman.  They will not change from year to year, nor will  kata's be made up, ie. Nabe kata's, etc.  Sensei Coffman will most likely remain a 7th Dan for the rest of his life, being that one of his teachers has passed away and the other has changed his system to KenshinKan Okinawan Karate. This is quite OK with Sensei Coffman, for he has such a vast amount of knowledge that it will take him all of his life to master and perfect what he has to give.

Coffman's extensive knowledge and skill in the system of "Matsumura Seito (Orthodox) Shorin-Ryu" is very well known throughout the United States as well as on Okinawa. Coffman prides himself on having not changed the system or sold himself out for rank or position, only the advancement of the Art of Karate.

Those that are within the Association of SMOKA-USA are truly fortunate to have a person with such a great working knowledge of Matsumura Shorin-Ryu. The members receive training of "OLD", the way it was taught before Karate became a sport and not just a means of making money. Karate was taught as an ART not a sport back in its conception and became a sport after the mid 60's. If you want to learn the "Art of Matsumura Shorin-Ryu Karate" as it was back during the old days then SMOKA-USA is for you.