New Info - Glen Premru

The OKF web page ( clearly states that Glenn R Premru received his black belt in 1959 in Goju ryu under Mr. Larry Williams. He then studied Shorin ryu under Sam Pearson….

An article on Sam Pearson appears in the OKF newsletter summer 1998 issue. In 1956-1958 he (Sam) studied with Master Eizo Shimabukuru 10th dan Shobyashi Shorin ryu, Okinawa. His most notable student is Glenn Premru.

In the same newsletter an article on John Hamilton, ‘Hamilton, 9th dan Shobayashi Shorin ryu, 8th dan Shorin ryu Kobudo, Hanshi nito-tenshin ryu ken jutsu. Master Hamilton is the senior student of Glenn R. Premru.

How could Mr. Premru hold rank in a different system than that of his teacher and his student?
In a letter to me dated Nov. 4, 1996 Mr. Premru signs…..
10TH dan SOKE
9TH dan SOKE
Summer 1998 OKF newsletter has a photo of Mr. Premru with the caption “10th dan Shorin ryu Matsumura Seito Karate do: 9th dan Shorin ryu mtsumura seito kobudo”
The OKF web page currently states (Jan 18, 2003)….”He (Premru) is currenly ranked as a 10th degree black belt under Shorin ryu Matsumura Orthodox karate system as well as 9th dan kobudo under Soken.”

Now, in a letter to me dated Jan. 16, 2003 he claims….”For the record, I never claimed that I was teaching or even was promoted within the Matsumura karate do system” he goes on to say “in any case Rick, I would like to set the record straight with you and other individuals who have been grossly misinformed. As for my knowledge in Matsumura Orthodox Shorin ryu (as it was called then) I have always stated and also stated at the OKF reunion that I hosted in Scottsdale, Arizona at my own expense at the Grand Hyatt at Gainey Ranch, I AM THE INDIVIDUAL AT THAT MEETING THAT I HOSTED WHO WAS THE LEAST QUALIFIED AND RECEIVED THE LEAST AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE TO HEAD ANY MATSUMURA ORGANIZATION” and “I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFETIME CLAIMED TO BE SOMETHING THAT I AM NOT”

Now again let us go back to the OKF newsletter winter 1996….A full page article on Mr. Premru stated “There’s only one Soke in the world, and its Premru”, “When in comes to karate, he’s the worlds best” and finally “Premru, Soke of Matsumura Shorin ryu”. The same article mentions 5 others inducted as SOKE as well???

From the 1995 OKF membership portfolio, Mr. Premru’s bio clearly states ‘On June 11, 1972 Grandmaster Soken appointed Master Premru as the chairman and president of the newly formed OKF. Master Premru was also promoted to the rank of 8th degree black belt on this date.” It also states “Prior to his death in the fall of 1982 Grandmaster Soken promoted Master Premru to the honorary rank of 10th dan” also “ He is currently ranked 10th degree black belt under the Matsumura Shorin ryu Okinawan Karate system.” The OKF web page also states that “June 11, 1972 Sokon promotes Premru to 8th dan.”

Now again in that letter to me dated Jan. 16, 2003 Mr. Premru claims, “For the record, I never claimed that I was teaching or even promoted within the Matsumura karate do system. Also, when o’Sensei visited Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1972, he promoted me in the hotel room to 7th dan and not to 8th dan as clearly indicated by some very misinformed individuals. If any of those individuals can recall, I actually tore up the 8th dan certificate as I had a question for O’Sensei Hohan Soken. How could I be promoted to a rank that was equal to Master Kise, when in fact this man had just been promoted himself? I did not have the knowledge that Master Kise had and still has to this day. Once I tore up the promotion certificate in front of so many high ranking dans (including George Dillman) I was promoted from 6th dan to 7th dan.”

Also of interest from the OKF winter 1996 newsletter….”It is the decision so Soke Premru that the system of Shorin ryu karate do he teaches, currently known as Matsumura seito shorin ryu karate do, shall be changed to Matsumra Soken ha shorin ruy karate do. This would represent the Hohan Soken fashions of the Matsumura Orthodox Shorin ryu system.”

Mr. Premru also states in his OKF web site that “We are not a diploma mill.” Then on the same web page he offers several certificates and 10 bogus Japanese titles for sale, charging hundreds of dollars.

Now again in a letter to me dated Jan. 17, 2003 Mr. Premru says “Now, I am being faulted for establishing a diploma mill because I am giving out title certificates for money. Was this not established by certain Okinawan instructors, only for thousands of dollars? Were not unqualified students advanced from ni-dan and san-dan to roku dan and above, just because they had the ability to pay thousands (not hundreds) of dollars in promotion fees? Please give me a break. This tradition came from and was established on the Island of Okinawa itself.”

It is my humble opinion that all of us “misinformed individuals” are a product of information made public by Glenn R. Premru. Mr. Premru has made public many contradicting claims and not the other way around.

One final thing to ponder…Soken met Premru ONE time in 1972 in Pittsburgh, became ill and went home to Okinawa early. Then in his final weeks on this earth, 10 years later, after having no contact in years, on his death bed half way around the world he thinks of Glenn Premru to carry on his name? Death bed promotion? He promotes a man who still does not know his system to the 10th dan over his Okinawan and American students that he did actually train?? VERY UNBELIEVABLE!! Furthermore just because one calls oneself ‘SOKE’ or ‘TIGER’ or ‘GRANDMASTER’ or ‘SAMURAI’ or ‘CHRIST’ or MAESTRO’ does not make it so. In fact I believe any one who would call himself ‘MASTER’, is not!

This is my response to public and private claims made by OKF and Glenn R. Premru. These are my opinions and questions alone, although shared by many. This is not malicious , slanderous or mean spirited but rather a search for the truth. Although Mr. Premru is an outstanding kata-karate ka, I find his public information to be misleading and less than truthful.

Rich Turnpaugh