Glen Premru
  • Glen Premru: Sanctions "G.A., Garcia" (of Puerto Rico) 1997 as the true inheritor and to the system of Hohan Soken, the Matsumura Seito Shorin-Ryu... later it was found out that Garcia lied about his involement with Hohan Soken ...FACT

  • The OKF was founded by, Hohan Soken, Chibanna, Nagazato, Nakamura, and others in 1954-5. The OKF was formed to preserve the Okinawan styles of Karate, not just one system... FACT

  • The OKF only lasted two to three years before breaking up, Hohan Soken... Soken did not agree with the changes being made on Okinawa as to the lack of the "Old Style" training being lost, Soken kept the name "OKF" 1954-1958... FACT

  • 1954-5, Glenn Premu was only 9 or 10 years old, never having any connection with Okinawa or Sensei Soken... FACT

  • Hohan Soken once again shut down the OKF in 1974-5 (Okinawa) because of Glen Premu theft of the Association's funds; then Soken and Kise start a new association called SMOKA, which was named after his style of Karate, making James H. Coffman it's President and USA head... FACT

  • Why would Soken/Kise start another Association if in fact the OKF was still active? Soken, Kise or any other Okinawan masters have nothing to do with the OKF, State side or Okinawa, after 1975... FACT
  • Glen Premru is wanted by the law and Federal grov'mt for the embezzlement of over 10 Million dollars, he is still on the run as of 2013.

  • Glen Premru heads up a NONEXISTENT OKINAWAN affiliated Association, yet Glen Premru still claims to be under Okinawa and Soken, and still claims to be Soken's head representative... FACT ....