Raymond Gonthier

  • Let me start by saying although it is a shame to talk about someone that has died...but the truth is always and always will be the truth.

  • Ray Gonthier was stationed in Okinawa during the late 1960's (1967-8)..
  • He studied karate under Master Fusie Kise at the Kadena AFB karate club.
  • Ray reached the level of Sho-Dan upon his leaving Okinawa.
  • Ray NEVER studied with or under Grand Master "Hohan Soken".
  • Ray Gonthier was a member of SMOKA during the late 1970's.
  • Ray Gonthier although he was a nice guy, had a "very low skill level in karate". I know this to be the truth for the following reasons:
  1. When I asked Fusei Kise (1976 at my home, in Maryland) with others present i.e. Ron Lindsey, Fred Sypher, Deus Marchacos, Kirk Laleman and others... How did he get a black belt? Sensei Kise's reply stated that he gave Ray Gonthier his black belt because he was leaving Okinawa and said he would start a dojo here in the States, not because of his ability.

  2. I have taught several Karate seminars for and with Ray Gonthier being a participant, therefore I know 1st hand of his knowledge and skill level.

  3. I have reviewed him doing kata, as well as instructing him; both observing and sparring with him.

  4. The reason Ray is even mentioned here is that Charles Garrett was promoted to the level of 6th Degree Black belt by Ray Gonthier.