George Dillman

  • When I met Dillman in 1965, he lied to me about his real rank.  Although he wore a black belt, the highest rank hed been award was a brown.

  • Dillman trained under me for less than 12 months at the Washington DC armory; I never recognized or awarded him any rank.

  • Dillman was put out of the USKA by Robert Trias. Mr. Trias did not even mention George Dillman in any of his books or papers.

  • George Dillman claims to have fought a bear at the Washington, D.C. National Guard Armory; in fact it was a tame wrestling bear, I have the photos.

  • George Dillman cannot break ice without first cutting the ice with a saw, then allowing the ice to set and refill the crack. Fake!
  • Dillman claims to have been given scrolls from Soken, depicting the body strike points, in fact it was Ray Gonithier that gave Dillman a copy of the anatomy charts, not Soken.