Charles Garrett


  • Garrett is nothing more than a Sho-dan (at best) under the Matsumura Seito system of Soken.

  • Garrett jumped on the Garcia bandwagon by sanctioning Garcia as the true head of Soken’s Matsumura Seito system after meeting Garcia 1997-98.  Coffman refused to sanction Garcia or buy into Garcia's lies. Less than four months later it was found out that Garcia had lied about his connections with O'Sensei Soken, all was found to be false..

  • Garrett received his sixth dan from Ray Gonthier (if you can believe it, ha.) a man who never studied under Soken and had founded a Karate certificate mill for those that wanted to get promoted to higher ranks. Pay the requested price. get promoted. Joke!

  • Garrett started karate in the spring of 1970-1, and stayed on Okinawa for less than 18 months. Leaves Okinawa 1972. Coffman: started karate 1960 Okinawa trained on Okinawa for 3-1/2 years, 2-1/2 years under Soken. Training for 5 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Garrett claimed, in that short 18-month(?) window, to have learned the whole system and all of Soken’s kata directly from Soken. Now he claims to have been promoted to 4th Dan while on Okinawa....... White belt to Yon-Dan in less than 18 month's? two to three times per week training for one to one and  a half hours per class???  Never happened.
  • How much could he have possibly learned from group lessons in less than 18 months? All of Sokens system?  I don't think so.


  • Garrett never had private or semi private lessons with Soken.
  • Garrett never trained with Soken other than group classes.

    Garrett was never top rank holder in Sokens classes or in Sokens Dojo.

  • If in fact Garrett was so close to Soken (as he claims), why does he not have photo’s of just himself and Soken. The only photo’s he has are the one’s of the class with Soken in them.
  • Garrett married an Okinawan lady which helped him to get connected with Akamine (in my mind another joke) I also think she writes out the certificates that Garrett claims to have come from Soken.  Question: Why would Soken give Garrett certificates to promote in his name? I don't think so!


    Facts:   Jimmy Coffman was Hohan Sokens 1st American student. 1961.  What number was Charles Garrett?

    Jimmy Coffman was top rank holder in Kise's class, a show piece for Soken and Kise while on Okinawa. What number was Charles Garrett?

    Jimmy Coffman had semi private classes (Kise & Coffman) with Hohan Soken weekly to bi-monthly for over two years with photo's to prove it. Garrett was just another student, one of many.

    Coffman was a top winner while on Okinawa, a show piece for Soken & Kise. What was Charles Garrett?

    Coffman has over 200 hundred trophies here in the States. What does Garrett have?

    Garrett runs off his mouth about Coffman making claims that are un-founded.

    Garrett has been invited many, many times to come to Coffman's dojo wile Garrett was visiting the Metropolitan area (Washington DC/Maryland)  but has yet to come by. 

    Garrett wants to teach Coffman kata (ha. Ha.) He has offered to even teach Sokens highest and most guarded kata....what a F--king joke!

    The Truth:   Garrett is a Joke and in my mind a clown.  If he had even a piece of the ability that he claims to have, he would come to my dojo and beat the hell out of me.......He is welcome any time.