Lee Osborne


July 2017


Several of my karate friends and students informed me that Lee Osborne said  lot of negative things about me, which I could care less.  However, it seems to brother them, so I will correct what this man is saying.


A little background on Lee Osborne:


It’s a shame what lee has become. When he first contacted me he was a very respectful young man and I thought he had honest intentions about karate, but after a while he showed his true colors being such that all he really wanted was rank without truly earning it.  Once he found out that I was not willing to give him what he wanted he changed into this nasty vindictive, resentful person.  He was afraid to confront me face up 15 – 20 years ago, but now he thinks I am nothing but an old man unable to handle a person like him. He is sadly mistaken, I might be a old man in his eyes, but I can still handle a person like him.


Lee has become a want-to-be karate-ka.  Lee is a big guy 6’5”+-  and a bully, he uses his size to intimidate others.  One can only be intimidated if one let’s themselves be.  Lee never really trained under his father,  “Roy Osborne”  as he claims, but is trying to ride on his fathers reputation.  Lee joined SMOKA  years ago and received a  9th Kyu certificate bearing both my and Fusei Kise signature (one step above white belt, I believe.  Lee during one of our many phone conversations stated that his father would not teach him, (the reason for joining SMOKA)  I asked why, Lee stated he did not know.  The next time I spoke to his father, Roy,  I asked why his son said he would not teach him?   Roy’s  reply, was: Quote:  He is not worth teaching, he is a lazy dreamer, I laughed and left it at that.   


Lee told one of my senior black belts,  (Randy Vaughan, a 4th Dan)  Quote:  Coffman is a old man now and I can simply walk up and punch him in his face.  There would be a very long line that would love to be there and see Lee get his ass handed to him.


Lee is claiming or used to claim that he was trained in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu or Shorinji-ryu as well as a Chinese KungFu system?  Who knows if this is true or just another lie, but then again, who cares?   Lee is a guy that wants attention and recognition, just like his friend Charles Garrett, neither of which can build a strong reputation on their own without lying.  In my eyes both are very low skilled plasticizers’ at best.   



Now let’s get to it:


1st Lee is saying that I never trained with Hohan Soken.


              All I have to say to that is, if did not train with Hohan Soken, how is it that I have photo’s of us training together?  Both training at Soken’sprivate home and at the Kadena AFB karate classes?  I was and still am Hohan Sokens  1st America student, undisputed truth.  Nothing more needs to be stated.


2nd  Lee is claiming that everything written in my book is a lie.


              This is not even worth responding too.  I’ll let the hundreds, thousands that know me and have read my book speak for that.


3rd  Lee is stating that I never taught at the  “Old Koza Dojo”,  Kise home dojo.  


On this he is correct, I never did teach at the home  (Kise) dojo, nor has his father. Never have I  claimed to have ever taught there.  While on Okinawa (1960-1964) I taught classes at the Kadena AFB dojo only.  


4th  Lee  is stating that I never trained at the Old Koza kise dojo and that I used his fathers (Roy) photo without Roy’s permission.  


He is correct that I put his fathers photo of the front face of “Kise dojo” Old Koza, in my book, however Roy gave me the photo as well as permission to use the photo since I did not have any photo’s of the outside, of which I gave credit to Roy acknowledging that the photo is from Roy as shown in my book.   All of the many photo’s that I have are of the inside and during training  at the Kise dojo, Old Koza Okinawa, so this is just another lie.


4th  Lee is stating that I have blocked him (emails, Facebook, Phone, mail) from any contact from him.   


This also is a lie!   On my web site (smoka-usa.com) my home address, my personal phone number is publicly listed.  I am on face book.  Lee or any other person is more than welcome to contact me by, face book, email (smoka-usa@excite.com), phone or by US post office, and or by face to face, which I prefer.